Manufacturing RIB tubes and collars is our primary expertise, and we have extensive experience in fabricating tubes for a wide variety of RIB models. We provide HYPATEX and ORCA Hypalon Fabric RIB Tubes for leisure, commercial, marine, DIY, and military applications. Our services include supplying replacement RIB tubes, RIB refurbishment, RIB tube repair, RIB boat repair, as well as parts and accessories for new and used Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB). We are committed to offering competitive pricing for our products and services while ensuring the utilization of the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship throughout the manufacturing and fitting process. Our comprehensive RIB tube warranty covers all of our new hypalon rib tubes. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation price quote or to discuss your specific requirements.

New Tubes

We have a proven track record of designing and manufacturing RIB tubes and collars for leading boat manufacturers in China. 

If you are an RIB manufacturer looking for a reliable partner to produce high-quality tubes, collars, or sponsons using industry-standard Pennel Orca Hypalon and/or Formosan Hypalon, we are the right choice for you.

Furthermore, we are pleased to offer a new RIB tube fitting service in China. 

For detailed technical specifications of tubes, please refer here.

Replacement RIB Tubes

Our extensive range of templates empowers us to craft RIB tubes/sponsons for numerous craft models, from 2.6m to 14m+. 

Our "Trade in Your Tube" initiative is currently underway, offering the convenience of arranging collection of your old tube from your address. 

Find your boat tube replacement here.

RIB Boats

Here is a selection of high-quality RIB boats from our esteemed RIB building partners, which have garnered strong acclaim in local and international professional RIB and leisure RIB boat markets. 

If you are seeking a superior standard of RIB boats, one of these options might be the perfect choice. 

Explore the available RIB boats here.

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Our extensive range of templates, combined with our wealth of experience and expertise, allows us to construct RIB tubes for a variety of craft models ranging from 2.6m to 14m+. 

When owners require their RIB to be re-tubed, we meticulously remove the old tubes, address any damaged GRP on the tube flange areas, and install a new set of Hypalon collars. 

Your RIB can be delivered to our Laixi factory, or alternatively, we can arrange collection from your specified address or a mutually convenient location. 

We are also pleased to offer a RIB tube fitting service in China.

Tube Repairs

Hypalon stands as the premier fabric choice for RIB owners due to its durability, strength, and ease of repair. Hypalon repair kits are readily available from most high street or online chandlers for addressing small punctures.

For more extensive repairs, such as section replacement, cone end, seam damage, or air and pressure relief valve replacement, we offer both an in-house and mobile repair service. 

Additionally, we can facilitate the supply and installation of accessories such as bow fair leads, rubbing strakes, handles, wear patches, laser-cut Hypalon boat names, and decals, among others. 

Please feel free to get in touch to arrange a no-obligation quote.

RIB Refurbishment

The typical life expectancy of tubes ranges between 15 and 30 years in middle and high-latitude countries and regions, with this duration potentially reduced to 10 years in hotter climates. 

By incorporating a new set of tubes, stainless fittings, a-frames, integral fuel tanks, rewiring, and applying anti-slip to the deck, an RIB can be rejuvenated for an additional 15 years—provided the RIB hull has not suffered substantial damage or delamination over the years. 

Our RIB refurbishment service is tailored to meet the needs of our customers, and we have successfully refurbished numerous RIBs from local and imported brands. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 

Explore the available cushions and accessories here.