AB Inflatables and RlBs

AB Inflatables, a division of AB Marine Group, is a respected brand in both the recreational and commercial marine markets worldwide. They have, for four decades, earned their reputation for innovative design, superior construction, and outstanding customer service.
AB boats are recognized for their fit and finish, and all of their boats utilize synthetic rubber fabric (Hypalon), including their popular aluminum RIB lines, which have become their name to fame in the US. AB boats typically have the deepest "V's" and a protruding forward hull, which adds nearly an extra foot of keel length. Besides their unparalleled level of passenger comfort, these boats are packed with fully customizable top-of-the-line equipment and features, making AB Boats an excellent choice for discerning customers.

We specialize in tubing and retubing of AB Inflatable RIBs

If your AB RIB boat requires a retube or tube replacement, for a FREE no obligation quote - Contact Us on info@RIBtubes.cn
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AB Oceanus 19 VST RIB Boat Replacement Tube / Collar PVC

AB Oceanus 19 VST RIB Boat Replacement Tube / Collar PVC

Features: "Trade in Your Tube" Deal.  Replicated to the original tube.  Customization of the trimming / decoration (hard handles, soft safety handles, rubbing strake, lifelines, etc) is welcome. Click here to send...