RIB Tube and Collar manufacture is our core business and we have built tubes for most makes and models of RIB over the years. We supply HYPATEX and ORCA Hypalon Fabric RIB Tubes for the leisure, commercial, marine, DIY and military markets. Replacement RIB Tubes, RIB Repair, RIB Tube Repair, RIB Boat Repair, Parts and Accessories for both new build and used Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats ( RHIB ). We aim to be very competitive on cost for all our products and services whilst retaining the use of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship during the manufacturing and fitting process. All of our new hypalon rib tubes are covered by our RIB Tube Warranty terms. Please contact us for a no obligation price quote and / or to discuss your requirements.

New Tubes

We have designed and manufactured RIB collars for some of the leading boat manufacturers in China.

If you are a RIB manufacturer looking for a company to produce high quality tube collars using the industry standard Pennel Orca Hypalon and or Formosan Hypalon, please get in touch.

We provide a NEW RIB tube fitting service in China.

For your information, here are the tube technicals.

Replacement RIB Tubes

Our huge range of templates enables us to build RIB tubes for many models of craft from 2.6m to 14m+, for owners who require their RIB to be re-tubed.

Here are the tips for removing your old tubes.
RIBtubes.cn “Trade in Your Tube”activity is on. We can arrange collection of your old tube at your address.

Find your boat tube replacement here.

RIB Boats

There is a list of high quality RIB boats from our RIB building partners. They are well-received in both local and international markets.

If you are looking for a higher level of RIB boats, one of them may be the very right choice.

Find here the RIB boats available.

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Our huge range of templates and wide experience and knowledge enables us to build RIB tubes for many models of craft from 2.6m to 14m+, for owners who require their RIB to be re-tubed.

We carefully remove your old tubes, repair any damaged GRP on the tube flange areas and replace with a new set of Hypalon collars.

Your RIB can be delivered to our Laixi facory or we can arrange collection from your pointed address. or perhaps a half way point, we are happy to accommodate.

We also provide a RIB tube fitting service in China.

Tube Repairs

Hypalon is the leading fabric choice for RIB owners, it's durable, strong and easy to repair. Hyplaon repair kits are available from most high street or online chandlers for any small punctures. For larger repairs such as section replacement, cone end, seam damage or air and pressure relief valve replacement, we provide either an in-house or mobile repair service.

We can also arrange for the supply and fit of accessories such as, bow fair leads, rubbing strakes, handles, wear patches and laser cut Hypalon boat names and decals etc.

To arrange a no obligation quote, please get in touch

RIB Refurbishment

Tubes generally have a life expectancy of between 15 and 30 years in middle and high latitude countries and regions, in hotter climates this can be reduced to 10 years. As long as the RIB hull has not suffered too much damage over the years or de-laminated, by adding a new set of tubes, stainless fittings, a-frames, integral fuel tanks, a re-wire and applying antislip to the deck a RIB can be rejuvinated for another 15 years.We provide a RIB refurbishment service for our customers.

We have refurbished many RIBs from local brands to imported ones. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Check here of the available cushions and accessoires