Ribtec RIBs

Ribtec is a traditional UK rigid inflatable boat brand, with a reputation for being rugged and professional – the Land Rover of the sea. There is also some dazzle to go with the durability, with the luxurious leisure Ribtec RIB models popular as superyacht tenders.Ribtec was launched in 1989, and in 2001 Ribtec was taken over by Charles Chivers, owner of the Ribeye RIBs. Under new ownership, the Ribtec brand has been further developed in the leisure and commercial rigid inflatable boat sectors.
The Ribtec rigid inflatable boat portfolio comprises the Ribtec Classic series and the Ribtec Riviera series. The Ribtec Classic series consists of functional RIBs which are used for a mixture of commercial and leisure purposes, while Ribtec Riviera RIBs are luxury leisure boats.

We specialize in tubing and retubing of RIBtec RIBs

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