Ranieri RIBs

Ranieri select the best manufacturing materials from around the world, this is thanks to an organized purchase center directly managed by Pietro Ranieri (manager). The choice of materials and the studies carried out on every item used in the productive cycle guarantee the market a product of excellent quality.

Being a family business, they pay particular attention to detail, as it’s their family name on every boat. The combination of technological philosophy, design and working experience results in a lifelong knowledge of boat manufacturing. These attributes have afforded Ranieri in to being a winning product, which beside performance and style has reached high levels of reliability, structural robustness, but most of all comfort.

We specialize in tubing and retubing of Ranieri RIBs

If your Ranieri RIB boat requires a retube or tube replacement, for a FREE no obligation quote - Contact Us on info@RIBtubes.cn


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