Technohull RIBs

Technohull offers high-technology, high-performance luxury boats that set the benchmark for performance and design.
Since its foundation in 2005, the yard has designed, produced and sold luxury high-performance innovative RIB’s – all in-house. TECHNOHULL® is a Greek company known for their impressively fast and safe high-end RIBs since their beginnings in the local market and the Mediterranean area.
Being keen believers in high performance and visionaries of how a perfect boat should look, feel, and perform, we acknowledge that a world far beyond speed lies at the heart of performance itself.
The luxury collection includes Alpha 50 and Omega 47; the day boats are Explorer 40, GTX, and GT7; and the sporty souls are 38 Grand Sport and Sea DNA 999. Everyone is a shiny pearl in the sea.



We specialize in tubing and retubing of Technohull RIBs



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