Sea-Doo Explorer Jet RIBs

The Sea-Doo Explorer Jet RIB was a unique jet ski-boat conversion manufactured by the Canadian Bombardier. This unique boat was built on a V-shaped RIB hull but utilized a special center console that looked like the top deck of a jet ski.
Unlike regular PWCs, the Explorer came with navigation lights, making
it legal to even run at night.
If you are considering purchasing one, you probably want to know where to find a Sea-Doo Explorer for sale. As this model vanished from the market in 2002, it’s already a collectible item, so finding one is not an easy task!

The Sea-Doo Explorer was manufactured with three different engine options, including:
1993 Sea-Doo Explorer: “White” Rotax 587 (580cc)
1994-1996 Sea-Doo Explorer: Rotax 657 (650cc)
1997 & 2002 Sea-Doo Explorer: Rotax 717 (718cc)

We specialize in tubing and retubing of Sea-Doo Explorer Jet RIBs.

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