Redbay Boats

Since their humble beginnings in 1977, they have developed their specialized traditional wooden-clinker boats into what is now their award-winning Stormforce range.
Whatever your business, Redbay Boats have many years experience working with the various regulatory bodies to provide safe and seaworthy craft for commercial operations the world over.
Our team is committed to building serious commercial RIBs to meet both the demands of your business needs and regulations.
Redbay Boats was born with the leisure seeker in mind, aiming to unlock the world's wonders through the exhilarating boating experience. Our RIBs are crafted to be the ideal companions for family adventures, water sports enthusiasts, and those yearning for seamless island hopping.

We specialize in tubing and retubing of Redbay RIBs

If your Redbay RIB boat requires a retube or tube replacement, for a FREE no obligation quote - Contact Us on


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